Friday, April 12, 2019

Dave Kryskow

How is this for hockey's worst hair cut?

That's Dave Kryskow. He bounced around the NHL and WHA in the 1970s, playing with Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, and Detroit in the NHL and Calgary and Winnipeg in the WHA. When all was said and done, Dave nicely competed in 231 NHL games and 116 WHA contests.

Dave was actually a pretty high draft pick, 26th overall in 1971, selected ahead of players such as Bill Hajt and John Garrett. But for whatever reason he never panned out in Chicago, even though as a rookie in 1973 he scored goals in two different games of the Stanley Cup finals. The Blackhawks left him unprotected in the 1974 NHL expansion draft.

The Washington Capitals made Kryskow their first forward selected in the expansion draft. He played just one season in Washington. His claim to fame is a good trivia question. He was the first Washington Capital player to score a shorthanded goal in franchise history. 

That wasn't enough, as three-quarters of the way through the season he was traded to Detroit. He must have lived out of a suitcase because he never stayed in one place very long.

Kryskow, a junior scoring star, survived in big league hockey in a defensive role. And he had to try doing that on a series of poor defensive teams.

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